1. What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files saved on your local computer by your internet browser when you visit our site. These text files are read by web browsers and contain information which is used to deliver user-friendly services. Cookies enable our website to recognise you so that we can provide you with a more personalised, improved, faster and more tailor-made experience.

Please note that some web content may become unavailable if you disable cookies. There are several different types of cookies. Here is a definition of some of them:

Session cookies: these cookies are only stored on your computer or end device when navigating our website. They are deleted when the browser is closed.
Persistent cookies: these cookies remain on your computer for a specific period of time.
Third-party cookies: these cookies are created by partner websites and are embedded in our site. They are used for targeted advertising, etc.


2. How we use cookies

We use internet technologies (e.g. cookies, Java scripts) mainly to make our website easier to navigate and to tailor our offer and optimise your experience with the content we provide:

  • We use so-called session cookies to maintain your current session active.
  • We use cookies for data analysis purposes. With their help, we can monitor how our forms are used, how many visitors come to our site and what the most frequently visited sites are.
  • We use third-party cookies to improve your experience with our content and the advertisements you see on our pages. This website also uses Google web analytics. More information can be found here:“Data protection notice”.


3. Third-party cookies

Some third-parties store cookies on your computer, particularly to log visitor behaviour and personalise what they display (including advertising). Depending on which platform you use, several cookies from third parties may be stored on your computer. How third parties manage these cookies can be found on the corresponding provider website. Notes on the different providers can be found in the table below. Unfortunately we do not have any control whatsoever over cookies provided by third parties. As a result, we recommend you refer to the third-party provider's website to provide information on the cookies used and how they can be managed. For common third party companies such as Facebook, Google, etc. the "Digital Advertising Alliance" offers the option of opting out of cookies for all companies participating in the tool. More information about these cookies can be found in points 4 and 5.

4. We currently use the following cookies:

  • Google: __utmb, __utmc, __utma, __utmz, __utmx, _gat, DSID, IDE, GPLUS_UI_BETA, OTZ


5. Administration of cookies / disabling

Your browser menu will have configuration options for the use of cookies. Most browsers have the following configuration options:

  • View cookies
  • Enable cookies
  • Disable all or some cookies
  • Disable all cookies when closing browser
  • Block cookies
  • Notify when a cookie is stored
  • Disabling web tracking

You can find the manufacturer's instructions on enabling and disabling cookies for the following browsers. Some parts of our website may become unavailable if you block our cookies.




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